daydream nation xy

and the purest enemy might be your love affair

seen you nude and naked everywhere

and I’ve been sitting and thinking all night long

if there’s a trail between your thighs that can stop evil

and when the sun shines all night you know you are alright

the joy you feel is almost as real

as the ghost of your whole past

and if you get the girl of your dreams

try not to wake up too soon

if you come along my way

don’t look or you might fail

to keep your love for you

but you won’t see she can never be me

she’s not easy but a simple state of mind

trapped inside a nightmare forever

I stare at her, oh she’s so fine

will you always be mine she says most of the time

If I were here, would you still be with me

that’s what I think most of the time


toying with dreams and tearing them apart

it takes a little time to get used to being

awake and you not asleep next to me

love tore us apart

and Ian knew

we’ll never be the same

daydream nation is on the hunt

and destroys of what is left of trust, illusion and lust

can you feel it coming down again?


well I bet you don’t think of me at all, it’s just her eyes on your mind

and that’s okay, I will be fine

sometime around noon

I slip into my own dreams and out of yours

I bet you haven’t noticed

I know you cared, but that was not enough

too little feeling were left for me

and we’re moving on now


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