If I wannabe a … what?!

I kind of started this whole thing about a year ago. But first I wrote on another website on blogspot, which still exists. But in this whole year I’ve written maybe about ten posts and that is not very much for a supposed to be blogger. Maybe part of the reason is, that I am sometimes lazy, stressed or unsure of what to write. Do I want my posts to be political, philosophical, poetic or really really simple? I’m still unsure and I am still unsure if I should keep up writing in English.


When 2017 started I made a list of things I want to do and one of them was to write two posts a week. I didn’t keep up with it or anything else that I had written down on that list. Again it’s my own lack of discipline and inability to be a good time manager in order to get all the stuff done that I want. Every night I get into bed and tell myself that I can do the things I’ve planned for the next day. But it doesn’t happen. Maybe I shouldn’t write so many things down, when I already know, that I can’t keep up with it. It’s quite frustrating.


Or maybe I should start being more ambitious. I spent so many years in my youth neglecting my hobbies and maybe even „talents“ because I am a lazy piece of ass.  So as I am writing this next to my laptop is a new list of things and maybe, just maybe I will get through that list till the end of summer. And maybe I can find out, how to be a better version of myself. And know where this blogthing is going to head.

I already did three or four more little photo shootings, but haven’t uploaded them. But I am a fan of chronology, so I am posting them in their rightful order. This is the third one, done when it was kind of cold outside and I wanted to do something different. So me and my friend went down into my house’s cellar. The architecture down there is quite interesting, because it got narrow, crooked corners and little hallways. It’s hard to explain if you haven’t been down there.


The light often went out and the light itself isn’t the best, but it’s something different. And I actually want to do things differently, even though a lot of people won’t like them. But it being liked is not the main goal in life, sometimes yes, but it often means not being yourself and I can’t bear that anymore. DSC_0223

To quote Kurt Cobain: I’d rather be hated for who I am, than loved for who I am not.


Outfit information:

Shoes: Missguided

Ring: & other stories

Sunglasses & Cardigan: Kleiderkreisel

Top & Earrings H&M

Skirt: Vila



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