Shades of Deep Purple

I got a certain little girl she's on my mind No doubt about it she looks so fine She's the best girl that I ever had Sometimes she's gonna make me feel so bad.                        Zunächst sollte gesagt werden: Quentin Tarantinos Filme haben immer einen... Weiterlesen →


Power; Preppy; Posh

Gedanken zu einem einst lästig empfundenen Kleidungsstück. Blazer. Blazer sind oft furchtbar spießig. Inbegriff des unpersönlichen Arbeitslebens, der vollkommenen Aufgabe des individuellen Selbst. Das waren meine naiven Gedanken vor geraumer Zeit. Niemals hätte man mich in einen langweiligen Blazer zwingen können! Neben dem einen obligatorischen schwarzen Blazer für alle Fälle, habe ich dieses Kleidungsstück eher... Weiterlesen →

My inner demons

Another poem. Another photoshoot. Both are older. I guess everyone has these inner demons, which stop and doubt all our actions. This one is about mine. The negative part of creativity is self doubt. At least, that's what I think. Sometimes it's hard to take the next step. The next project seems to be exciting,... Weiterlesen →

It’s another start.

Welcome back? Some changes in my life made it hard for me to write again. A few weeks ago I did a survey. My question for you was, if I should alter my blog. I always wanted to have a platform, where I could post some of my "art". I once started this blog with... Weiterlesen →

and the purest enemy might be your love affair seen you nude and naked everywhere and I've been sitting and thinking all night long if there's a trail between your thighs that can stop evil and when the sun shines all night you know you are alright the joy you feel is almost as real... Weiterlesen →

My My,  hey hey. We burn ourselves away. the drugs don't work and we fade away   into illusion and illustration until nothing leaves a trace of us just us on the carpet framed in a photograph and no one seems to care and no one wants to see when we were young, free, careless,... Weiterlesen →

The 2010er seem to be the years of the rise of the female superheroes and villains. Among CW's adaptions of DCs hero series like Arrow, The Flash and the "superhero squad" Legends of Tomorrow, Supergirl is the first hero-show with its own female main character. And while females were always part of the Superhero genre,... Weiterlesen →

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